Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 130 - Little chocolate donuts, Steak Days, and the Biblical Flood

Day 11 Maintenance
Emily: 164.0 lbs, 1 lb over goal
Jon: 219.8 lbs, .2 lbs under goal

Both of us have maintained our weights!  Yeah!  although we have both had steak days.  Jon lost almost 4 lbs on his steak  I lost almost two on mine and I cheated like crazy on that day I was so hungry.  I but I cheated on only good food....except for the mini 3 musketeers....and the baskin robins hard candy.  I obviously don't do well with temptation.  I'm not at home so it messes with me having all the goodies around.

A question has plagued me though.  Is there a time in ones life in which eating a little chocolate donut is acceptable?  I've determined the answer as I see it as, yes.  I think when you get up three hours earlier than usual, pack your van, and leave your house with three kids at 7 am to travel from Oklahoma city to Dallas, get one mile from your house and traffic stops and you sit there for 3 hours because there is no exit and your not moving, and the kids haven't eaten yet and are going stir crazy and the rain is pouring down, that's a start.  When you have finally crept forward enough that you can see the emergency vehicle lights are actually blocking the next exit and behind the emergency vehicle the exit is under water, and then the emergency vehicle is slowly creeping backwards toward you and you realize that it is because the water is also creeping toward you, and when people like refugees began walking down the freeway abandoning their flooded cars covering their head with whatever box or bag they had in their cars to protect them from the rain, and the cop car is now only about 8 feet in front of you with the water cresting it's tires so you decide it's time to go....somehow....and do a three point turn and begin driving the wrong way down the freeway, the stress MIGHT just call for a bite.  When after the three hour drama and you still have a 4 hour drive to go and you never left your neighborhood and you pull into your driveway to see water cascading from your garage and run inside to see that a river is pouring from the back of said garage down through the front of the garage door and the only boxes in the garage left unpacked but in the torrents flow are your books and photo albums and you spend your morning, or rather what's left of it, and part of the afternoon dragging water logged boxes in and covering your living room floor, dining room floor, and any other dry surface with wet books and pictures, to discover that your favorite wedding picture is one of the only things not salvageable, THEN it's ok to eat a little chocolate donut.  But only one. 

We're fine.  We lost very little and my mom has a copy of the wedding picture I love.  AND we finally got to unpacking those boxes.

P.S.  That was not the day that caused the steak day.

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