Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 156 - Here we go again.....yeah...I think....

Emily's Stats
Round 3 Day 1

Jon's Stats
Round 2 Day 1

Did you miss me?

I took a little break we go again.  I'm not excited.  I am however incredibly nauseated and determined.  Notice I don't have all our stats?  Charis' 9th birthday sleepover was last night and I've had very little sleep.  I also forgot to weigh this morning before I ate chocolate chip pancakes....yum!!!  That was about the extent of my food bliss as the HCG started kicking in.  After a pizza lunch and many cookie, chips, and cheese snacks, dinner was an afterthought.  I HATE loading days now.  They are not fun anymore.  They are torture!  I never thought I would have to force myself to eat ice cream.  I never thought I would turn down dinner at Ted's, our favorite Mexican food restaurant.  I'll have updated stats tomorrow.  We got new scales that weigh us a pound heavier so our goals changed by a pound.  Jon has maintained wonderfully.  Me?  not so well.  I went up and down and had multiple steak days.  It's really hard to maintain when you're not home and at the mercy of others to feed you.  I'm only a pound or so over my goal weight, so it wasn't too bad.

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