Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 118 - Leisurely Day

My Stats
Day 36 R2
163.0 lbs
R2: -17 lbs
Total: -46.0 lbs

Well, I gained .2.  Guess I need to go induce a .4 loss :).  Jon lost .8 and is ecstatic.  He made it to the teens!!!  We went to the zoo today for a couple hours and then came home and played in the back yard all day.  It was a pretty leisurely day.

We had the last of our good melba at the zoo and I had the last of the crab bisque for lunch.  Jon had chicken fajitas.  I had nasty melba and OJ for dinner.  Jon made some broccoli.  We both REALLY wanted to cheat.  We can definitely feel the effects of the HCG leaving us.  Tomorrow is going to suck big time.

Jon's Stats
219.2 lbs
-28 lbs

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