Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 117 - 3 embarrassing facts about loosing weight

My Stats
Day 35 R2
162.8 lbs
R2:-17.2 lbs
Total: -46.2 lbs

I lost .6 lbs, and Jon lost .8 lbs.  Our bodies are so different!  In fact, my body has changed so much there are some embarrassing little things that I'm having to do.  First, I've had to start cleaning my belly button.  That's right, I hardly ever had to clean it before because it was so ......well....shallow.  How gross is that?  Second, I'm having to learn to sit down on the toilet differently.  I've really been hurting my self!  For the past few weeks...and it's getting worse.....I would sit down and hit my tail bone.  Apparently It's been very cushioned and now there is no cushion.  How embarrassing would it be to have to go to the doctor because you've injured your tail bone sitting on the toilet wrong!  LOL!  Ok, this last embarrassing fact is not so much embarrassing in itself, but embarrassing because I know.  Next time you need to loose a quick .4 lbs, go grab your spouse.  That's right.  You get it.  A little romp between the sheets will knock of exactly .4 lbs on the dot, every time.  EVERY TIME.  ;)

I didn't eat lunch today.  I spent all morning mowing, weed eating, and cleaning my garden.  When I got inside I was about to faint.  I grabbed a glass of OJ and didn't even measure it!  I drank a lot of water too.  Jon snacked on melba I think.  We had beef broccoli for dinner and I cheated a LOT.  I ate a whole taquito, and then several spoonfuls of Mac n cheese.  Jon ate Mac n cheese too.  I don't know, but I think tomorrow is going to be even more difficult.  I'm already feeling hungry!
Jon's Stats
220.0 lbs
-27.2 lbs

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