Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 119 - One....more.....day......

My Stats
Day 37 R2
162.6 lbs
R2:-17.4 lbs
Total: -46.4 lbs

Yeah!  I was perfect yesterday and I lost .4 lbs.  Jon only lost .2, but he is so happy to be in the teens he didn't really care.  We were both very cranky today.  We were hungry and needed FOOD!!!  If your marriage can survive dual HCG withdrawal, it can survive anything!

Jon had fish and broccoli for lunch.  I had grilled chicken, melba and OJ.  THEN I got hungry and came back and ate a couple of pizza bites the kids had left over. THEN Jon started moaning about being hungry.  THEN I ate more pizza bites because I was still hungry and Jon started feeling weak and light headed.  We made a decision.  We needed more food!  We made our breakfast scramble.  Eggs, sausage, mushrooms, and onions.  The kids had it in tortillas.  We had it in a bowl with cheese and washed it down with milk.  It was exhilarating!!!  Oh food!  Where have you been?!  We were both delightfully happy and content for the rest of the evening.  I tried not to think of how bad it would be in the morning.  Hopefully the HCG is out of our system enough for it not to be too bad.

Jon's Stats
219.0 lbs
-28.2 lbs

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