Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 158 - Stressful Day

Emily's Stats
169.1 lbs
+.2 lbs
R3: +5.1 lbs
Total: 39.9 lbs

Jon's Stats
222.7 lbs
+2.2 lbs
R2: +1.7 lbs
Total: 24.5 lbs

We're trying something a little different this round.  On a quest to loose more, we are going the old fashioned Dr. Simeon's route.....no recipes.  We are only going to eat grilled meat with raw or steamed veggies.  Jon came home at lunch and we grilled all the meat up.  We had steak  and sliced tomato (From the farmer's market...pretty good tomato).  That's all either one of us ate today. 

On another note, if you don't already know, we're moving.  I'm trying to trust God in this process, but I'm the kind of person who needs a plan.  I don't even care how crazy the plan is, I just need to know the end game.  Right now, all I know, is that we are moving sometime before September to an undetermined town in a general area of South Central Oklahoma.  It's getting to me and by the evening I had a headache.  It hadn't turned into a migraine so I went to bed with it, cranky and hungry.

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