Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 7

178.8 lbs

Well Blogger has been down....and so is my weight!  Wow that was cheesy...mmmmmm....cheese.....

I've lost 4.2 lbs since last Wednesday.  It's a miracle.  I've cheated like crazy (includin half a snickers bar yesterday and a pizza party with cookie cake on saturday).  I'm also not doing well with the homeopathic HCG.  Jon and I have already determined that we will not do the drops again.  There's nothing wrong with how they work.  They work quite well.  The problem is we can't remember to take them.  With the shot it's up in the morning, shot, and go on with your day.  With the drops you are constantly having to think about what time of day it is, have you had anything to drink, how thirsty are you and can you wait  another 15 minutes for a drink, and then there is the just plain forgetting.  More days than not we have only had one dose instead of three.  We're still losing though, so I'm not complaining.  Of course our drops will last us a lot longer so we will wind up going longer than 20 days.  In essence we will loose more weight for less money. HA!

Anyway.  Trying to take this seriously but I've learned that I can cheat and that's not a good thing.  I've also been thinking.  How did I gain back 30 pounds?  I mean, what in my tiny little brain did not click that I was gaining weight?  I weighed everyday.  I remember passing the 2 lb mark above my goal weight and thinking.....That's still not too bad.  Then I was 10 lbs above and though...ooooo...I really need to keep an eye on this.  Then I was 20lbs followed by 30.  Why in the world did I not stop myself?  Why did I not just pick the weight I was at that day and say NO MORE!  It was totally within my power.  The knowledge I've gained from this program gave me the power.  All I had to do was say..NO MORE!!!  Why didn't I?  That's food for thought.  I'll be trying to figure that one out before I get on maintenance.

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