Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 2

184.3 lbs

Gained a bit as expected.  I did my best to eat even though I don't feel well.  Not sure if it's the HCG or just lingering effects of being sick, but I just didn't want to eat.  I had two bowls of cereal and yogurt for breakfast.  A hamburger and Frappe from McDonald's for lunch and Jon used his new grill and we had homeade hamburgerrs for dinner around 8:30.  Jon also brought me back a Route 44 root beer from Sonic, of wich I could not finish half.  Although I felt like the homeopathic HCG was possibly just a placebo since it taste like WATER, I FEEL like I"m on injections.  I'm a little concerned tough because my mouth seems to be getting raw.  I'm hoping it's just the frootloops and not a reaction to the HCG in my mouth.

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